Luca Tree Services

Our specialists have a deep reverence for trees and their contribution to our world. We strive to provide expert care that not only enhances the look of your outdoor space, but also ensures its long-term health and safety. If you share this appreciation for trees, then let us be your partner in providing sophisticated tree treatments!

Fence Services

Quality Fencing Service for Your Home and Business

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Luca Tree Services is a fencing contractor in Peabody, MA that can provide you with the perfect fence for your home or business. We have a wide variety of fences to choose from, and our team is dedicated to providing you with the best customer service possible. 

We provide Fence Services for residential, commercial and agricultural properties. Fences are an important part of any property’s landscape, providing security and a sense of privacy while adding aesthetic value to the area. With years of experience in the industry, we can help you make your property look its best with fence services that are tailored to your specific needs.

Expert Fencing Solutions - Tailored to Your Property

We offer a wide range of Fence Services for residential, commercial and agricultural properties including the fence installation of new privacy fences, security fences and farm fences. Our experienced team will work with you to discuss your Fence Service options and design a plan that best suits your property’s needs. Fence installation services include the removal of existing fences, application of fencing materials and post-installation maintenance.

Fence Contractor

Reliable Fence Contractor in Peabody, MA

Luca Tree Services can also provide Fence Repair Services for any type of fence including chain link, wooden Fence Installaion and vinyl Fence Installaion. Our team is skilled in identifying areas that need attention and making sure your Fence Service is up-to-date. Fence Repair Services include fixing worn-out fence posts, replacing damaged sections of fencing and providing preventative maintenance to keep your Fence Service solid and secure.

We also offer Fence Cleaning Services for residential, commercial and agricultural properties. Fences can accumulate dirt, debris and even mold over time, so it’s important to keep them clean and maintained. Fence Cleaning Services will help remove any built-up grime, dirt or moss on your Fences, so they can look their best.